Earlier this month, Glenda K. Brown, Managing Director, Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC) andBlueSteps, and Candace Johnson of Global Board Ready Women (GBRW), co-hosted a luncheon to celebrate the tremendous success of their joint commitment to increase the number of women on boards worldwide. This intimate event brought together an impressive group of global leaders actively supporting this initiative (full list of attendees included below).

In between festivities, the attendees celebrated the many achievements of the initiative to date and explored strategies to further increase the number of women on boards immediately and in the future. Initiatives planned include an ongoing commitment from the AESC to provide complimentary BlueSteps memberships to all vetted, board-ready women, as well as a true collaboration with and between several key organizations that have a shared focus on the goal of board governance reflective of true excellence, including gender equality.

As part of AESC’s Women on Boards initiative, GBRW has been a key partner since June 2013. Since the initiation of this partnership, the AESC has welcomed hundreds of board-ready women into the BlueSteps Database, which has provided tremendous opportunities for AESC members to source this top board-ready talent.

Glenda K. Brown commented: “The AESC and BlueSteps are privileged to be associated with our various partners committed to gender diversity in the boardroom. The changes and gains seen to date have come through tremendous effort and commitment from many individuals and we salute their efforts, and look forward to great gains in 2014 and beyond.”

AESC and GBRW Celebratory Luncheon Attendees

AESC Members

Nairouz Bader, Vision Executive Search, CEO and Global Board Member, AESC

Krista Walochik, Norman Broadbent, President and Global Board Member, AESC

Jennifer Nelson, Heidrick & Struggles, Director of Marketing

AESC Staff

Peter Felix, AESC, President

Glenda K. Brown, AESC & BlueSteps, Managing Director

Julia Salem, AESC & BlueSteps, Digital Marketing Manager

Laura McGregor, AESC & BlueSteps, Global Partnerships Manager

Global Board Ready Women

Candace Johnson, Serial Entrepreneur/GBRW Task Force Member

Marcia Bateson, Chief Financial Officer and Investor

Cluen Corporation

Andy Shapiro, Cluen Corporation, Founder and President

Heidi Braun, Cluen Corporation, Communications Director

Commonwealth of Nations

Chantelle Cummings

Sarah Kitakule

Arif Zaman


Liz Mason, London Business School, Alumni Director

Jo Goodhew, Minister, New Zealand

Penny Peters, Women Corporate Directors (WCD), Vice Chair

Rita Crotty, Women’s Forum -New York, Executive Director

Freda Miriklis, BPW International, President

Mary Davis, Davis Partners, Owner

Lynn Polakoff Baine, Golden Seeds, Managing Director

Mary Jane Raymond, II-VI Incorporated, Chief Financial Officer

Amy Stringer, Actress and Supporter

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